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Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about Quik-Tik. If you can't find the information you need, please call Quik-Tik customer service at 1-866-QUIKTIK (weekdays 8:45 a.m. to 4:15 p.m.).

General Information

What is Quik-Tik?
Quik-Tik is the fast, easy way to buy your monthly pass. Simply sign up, and we'll mail your pass to you each month - automatically. No stamps, no lines, no hassles.

Simply select your preferred credit or debit card and we'll automatically charge the amount due on your invoice. Your monthly pass will be mailed to you each month, and you'll never have to reorder again!

How much does Quik-Tik cost?
In addition to the fare for your selected pass order, a non-refundable $3 processing fee will be applied each month for each pass issued to you.

What monthly pass types can I purchase?
With Quik-Tik you can purchase from among our most popular monthly pass options:

  • NJ TRANSIT Rail Pass
  • NJ TRANSIT Bus Pass
    [Select either Interstate to NY or Phila.; Intrastate in NJ, or Intracommuter (Routes 9 & 18 Intrastate)]
  • NJ TRANSIT Hudson-Bergen Light Rail Monthly Pass
  • River LINE Monthly Pass
  • Newark Light Rail Monthly Pass

Quik-Tik allows one monthly pass type selection per account. If you wish to purchase more than one monthly pass type, simply create a second Quik-Tik account

How many passes can I request per order?
You can purchase one monthly pass option per subscription account. If you wish to purchase more than one monthly pass, simply create a second Quik-Tik account. Many monthly rail passes can be used for light rail or bus trips. For more information about using your rail pass on light rail or bus, click here.

When will I get my pass?
Your order will be automatically renewed each month. Quik-Tik orders are mailed to arrive a few days prior to the beginning of each calendar month. All orders are sent to the billing address provided during enrollment. For security reasons, orders cannot be sent to separate or different shipping addresses.

When is the latest I can sign up to receive my pass for the following month?
Quik-Tik enrollment must be completed on or before the 10th day of the previous month to receive the pass for the next month. Applications received on or after the 10th day of the month will become active with the following cycle. For example, an order for a May pass needs to be received on or before April 9th in order to be processed. If an application is received on or after April 10th, you will receive a pass for June.

How do I determine which rail line I'll be traveling on?
If you already know what rail line you need, you can simply enter the departing and destination rail line along with your departing and destination stations during the "Monthly Pass Selection" process. If you aren't sure which rail line you need, the easiest way is to use our Trip Planner to create an itinerary to get you from your starting point to your destination. You can also review a timetable or call our Transit Information Center at 1-973-275-5555.

How do I determine the bus zone and bus route I'll be traveling on?
If you're already a monthly bus pass customer and will be making the same trip, the bus zone is printed on your existing monthly bus pass. If you need to research your bus service options, the Trip Planner allows you to build an itinerary from your starting point to your destination. Our Bus Zone and Fare List provides general fare pricing information. If you need assistance determining the specific bus zone for your trip, call the Transit Information Center at 1-973-275-5555.

Payment Options

What is AutoPay?
AutoPay is an easy, convenient way for Quik-Tik subscribers to pay for their monthly pass. With Auto-Pay, you never have to worry about missing a payment - no checks, no stamps, no worries. Your monthly pass is billed automatically. As a Quik-Tik customer, you authorize NJ TRANSIT to charge your credit card each month for the value of the pass mailed. With AutoPay, customers don't even need to send their monthly statement to the remittance address. Best of all, you can always order the correct pass and be charged the correct amount - Quik-Tik enables you to change, suspend, or cancel your monthly pass order or even change the credit card you want NJ TRANSIT to charge.

The payment due date is listed on the Quik-Tik invoice - typically on or about the 10th business day of the prior month. NJ TRANSIT will use the authorization provided during enrollment, or during subsequent changes by the user, to initiate the credit card payment each month.

Remember, if the invoice amount is to be paid partially by another payment method (e.g. Transit Benefits programs) then that portion of the payment must be remitted to NJ TRANSIT and be credited to the account prior to the charge date noted on the bottom of the mailed invoice.

What payment methods are accepted for Quik-Tik?
Quik-Tik offers convenient payment options. We accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or VISA credit cards, and check cards with the MasterCard or VISA logo. To ensure uninterrupted service, we ask that you limit changing the credit card used for payment to three times per year. Note: Every time you change your credit card, you will be required to acknowledge the terms and conditions associated with your credit card usage. In addition, you may apply Transit Benefits payments toward your balance.

How can I use Transit Benefits programs?
After you establish a Quik-Tik account, you can begin using Transit Benefit programs to defray commuting costs. There are several different programs available - please check with your employer to determine the details of the program you are enrolled in. Learn More

Transit Benefit Vouchers
If you receive Transit Benefit vouchers, such as TransitCheks, valid for transportation purchases, here's how to use them through QuikTik:

When you receive your pass each month, there is a payment coupon at the bottom of the mailer the pass is attached to. Simply tear off that coupon and return it along with your vouchers in the return envelope included with your pass. Be sure to write your name and QuikTik account number on both the front and back of the vouchers. The vouchers will be applied to your QuikTik account and you will be charged only for any remaining balance provided they are received by the due date printed on your invoice. If received by the due date, any remaining unpaid balance will be charged to your credit card. If received after the due date, your credit card will be charged for the unpaid balance and the vouchers received will be applied to future passes.

Transit Benefit Credit Cards
QuikTik enrollment requires the use of only one credit card for payment. The credit card provided and maintained on file must have sufficient funds available on the payment due date printed on your invoice to pay for the entire unpaid account balance. Many employers allow the withholding of additional post-tax funds to allow the full cost of the pass to be available on these cards. It is your responsibility to ensure that the card is adequately funded on the due date. Please consult your employer to ensure that sufficient funds are available on the card or the payment will not be accepted.

When will my credit card or check card be charged?
The payment due date is listed on the Quik-Tik invoice - typically on or about the 10th business day of the prior month. The actual credit card charge will be reduced by any account credit at the date of processing. NJ TRANSIT will use the authorization provided during enrollment, or during subsequent changes by the user, to initiate the credit card payment each month.

Splitting payments between two or more credit cards: If your card on file does not have sufficient funds available In order to fully cover the price of your monthly pass, you may make supplementary payments through your on-line QuikTik account using a different credit card, or multiple different credit cards. Simply log into your account and select the "Make Payment" option located at the bottom of your screen.

Ensure that you make any required supplemental payments before Payment Due Date on your QuikTik invoice; your supplemental payment should reduce your amount due to the level authorized on your primary card, which will be processed through AutoPay to complete your payment.

Can I return my ticket for a refund or credit?
Yes. Simply mail your pass and invoice in the pre-addressed return envelope provided. If you don't need your pass, be sure to return it immediately. The non-refundable $3.00 processing fee, however, will be applied even though your pass has been returned. You will be responsible for payment of this $3.00 fee.

If we receive your pass after the billing has been processed, we will credit your Quik-Tik account. For a wholly unused pass (postmarked prior to the first of the month) you'll receive full account credit. For a partially used pass (postmarked after the first of the month of validity), you will receive a partial credit on your account in accordance with NJ TRANSIT Tariff and Refund Policy. In either case, the non-refundable $3.00 processing fee will not be credited to your account or refunded. For details, view our Ticket Refund Information.

Full and partial credits will be applied to the subsequent invoice. Refunds to your billing credit card will only be issued on request at the cancellation of your Quik-Tik account.

Managing Your Account

Is it easy to update my Quik-Tik account?
Absolutely. Quik-Tik puts your account information at your fingertips, enabling you to manage your account online, skip a month, suspend your account, or change your personal, billing, or travel information.

Can I temporarily suspend my monthly pass mailings?
With Quik-Tik, account management is easy. From the Account Summary, just click on "Change Account Status" and then on "Temporarily Suspend Monthly Pass Mailing". Your pass mailings as well as your credit card billing will be suspended until the reactivation date you select. After that date, your monthly pass mailing and credit card billing will resume automatically. And, you can use the Account Summary option to increase the length of suspension or resume mailing and billing sooner.

How do I reactivate my monthly pass order?
The system will automatically reactivate your order on the date you select when you temporarily suspend your account.

However, if you wish to activate your account prior to the date provided, simply click on "Change Account Status" and then choose the "Reactivate Previously Suspended Monthly Pass Mailing" option in the Account Summary after you logon to your Quik-Tik account. Re-confirm the monthly pass or combination passes you wish to receive. Your pass will be reactivated and the mailing will resume with the next cycle.

Can I cancel my Quik-Tik subscription?
Yes, from the Account Summary screen, click "Change Account Status" and select "Cancel Account". If you cancel, the account can only be reopened by contacting Quik-Tik (information is listed below). In addition, you may request a refund of any credit balance at cancellation.

What if I forget or want to change my password?
When you enroll in Quik-Tik you will select a password. If you forget the password you created, just click "Forgot Password" from the Account Login page. Enter your User ID or your email address. On verification, we'll email your password to you immediately. After you have established your Quik-Tik account, you can change your password from the Account Summary Screen.

How do I contact Quik-Tik at NJ TRANSIT?
You can write us at:

One Penn Plaza East
Newark, NJ 07105-2246
Email: quiktik@njtransit.com

Or, call a Quik-Tik representative at 1-866-QUIKTIK (8:45 a.m. to 4:15 p.m., Monday - Friday)